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One of the principal purposes of the Benson Area Community Foundation is to provide grant monies to eligible community organizations for purposes of project and program implementation and sustainability. Grant making commenced in 2005 and has continued to the present day. The first several years of existence, the Foundation made grants on a one-time-per-year basis. With the increased size of our Endowment Fund and the excellent return on investments, the Foundation Board opted to increase the frequency of grant-making to two-times-per-year. Typically, awards are made in the months of April and October.


Since the inception of grant making from January 1, 2005 and up until October 12, 2022, the Benson Area Community Foundation in concert with its donor-advised funds, the Galen Hanson Endowment Fund and Robert Sonsteng Fund, has collectively awarded over $487,859.00.


Among these awards, a representative sample includes:

Benson Arts Council – Performing Arts Council Series. $20,000
Danvers – New Fire Hall  $7,000
Benson Public Schools Northside Rec Improvements  $12,468
City of Benson – Aquatic Center. $7,000
Benson Women of Today – Mini Golf Course. $10,000
Scandi Haven Village – Fireplace Lounge Furniture  $7,000
Benson Lions Club – Disc Golf Course at Ambush Park  $11,000

To view a full list of Grants & Awards from January 1, 2005 to October 12, 2022, CLICK HERE.

Some of Our Projects

City of Benson

Award given to underwrite costs associated with improvements to the Swift County School House remodeling and infrastructure improvements.

Heartland Girls Ranch of Benson

An organization that provides residential services to adolescent girls in need of treatment. Monies given for Heartland’s “Hoof Prints of Hope” program which uses equine therapy as the principal treatment modality.

Swift Winners 4-H Club

Operating under the auspices of the Swift County Extension Services, award monies were given to this 4-H Club to be used to make playground renovations and additions to the Swift Fall Community Park.

Pilgrim Congregational Church

Located in Benson, this church sponsored a summer “feeding program” for children, 0-18 years old in the summer monies. Funding was given to help defray operational expenses for meal preparation for numerous low-income children.

Benson Public Schools

Awards have been given over the years for a number of unique projects: improvements to the Northside Recreational complex in Benson; and various capital improvements and acquisitions in the area of technology