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With Integrity and Trustworthiness, We Focus on the Future


Organized as an affiliate of the Southwest Initiative Foundation, the Benson Area Community Foundation is a vehicle for donors who wish to make charitable contributions for the benefit of our community. 

The success of the Benson Area Community Foundation depends on you. Make designated gifts to new or existing funds, or support our permanent endowment fund to help meet the changing needs of our community.

About the Foundation

When originally conceptualized, the Foundation Board decided to call the Foundation “Benson Area Community Foundation.” This was done to reflect the Board’s thinking that we wanted to see ourselves as encompassing an area wider than just the city limits of one town. Rather, as we processed the scope of our physical presence, we agreed that not only the city of Benson, but those towns that are within the surrounding area: Clontarf, Danvers, DeGraff and Swift Falls, should be included as well. The more we discussed, we opted to select the same geographic area of the local public high school. Accordingly, we adopted the school district boundaries as our identity but making clear that our Foundation was to be distinguishable and separate from the school district.

Our Foundation boundaries encompass about 6,000 people. Farming and agricultural-related business constitutes the economic platform of our community. Our local school draws it student population from the five communities within the school district boundaries. Benson is the largest city (3,500) within the immediate area and has a robust retail business sector. There are also  several manufacturing operations in Benson, Case-New Holland and Custom Roto Mold. The Swift County Benson Hospital is located in Benson and is also one of the larger economic engines in our area. The Benson Area Community Foundation is one of several non-profit foundations in our community. Along with the Swift County Benson Hospital Foundation and the Benson Public Schools Foundation – just established in 2015, the Benson Area Community Foundation is pleased to provide private sector donors a local venue for charitable, tax-deductible, gifts to improve the area community.

Donations to the BACF

An individual, family or organization can contribute to the Benson Area Community Foundation. The mission is “To enrich our quality of life and provide a legacy by connecting charitable donors to community vision.

Grants, whose aims are to strengthen community core values and structure, are awarded to non-profit organizations. Grants amount vary depending upon grant amounts available. Applications must have matching funds. Grants are most commonly awarded in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Recreational activities and efforts
  • Arts and humanities
  • Parks and environment 

The Benson Area Community Foundation is organized as an affiliate of the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Our partner, the Southwest Initiative Foundation, provides administrative support through gift processing and receipting, grant processing, investment management, and the 501(c)(3) public charity infrastructure necessary for your gifts to receive the highest possible charitable tax deduction. We also have access to technical and professional support from Southwest Initiative Foundation in areas such as strategic planning, board development, fundraising, marketing and public relations, and grantmaking.

In return, we have established an advisory board to lead the Benson Area Community Foundation, raise funds to support our vision, coordinate a grant process and educate the community. We are in the driver’s seat, with Southwest Initiative Foundation supporting us every step of the way.

For more information about the Southwest Initiative Foundation, click here.